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I am very attuned to each person’s limitations.  I do not expect clients of a certain age to engage in jumping/plyometric movements and I respect any ongoing pain that we need to work around in our sessions.

I encourage my clients to become the best versions of themselves.  I ensure that proper form and function are part of that long-term goal. 



  • Free general assessment where I can get to know your physical capabilities. Includes discussion of questionnaire that outlines your background of nutrition, activity and personal info.

  • Access to Thomas Fitness Consulting Preferred Partners

  • Ongoing email communication outside of the studio regarding nutrition and balancing other physical activities.

  • Access to all of your workouts anytime to use on your own and monitor your progress via the PT Minder App.

  • Access to Facebook Group to ask questions and meet other fitness enthusiasts.



Please note, I require 24 hours cancellation and all sessions must be pre-paid a month in advance.


Sometimes working out with a buddy is way more fun! Studies show that having an accountability partner can boost morale and accountability for your workout sessions.

I enjoy coaching group sessions to see my clients connect and challenge each other. Clients do not necessarily have to be on the same strength level-just a willingness to take direction and be open to having their own regressions and progressions.

I limit these sessions to 5 participants.

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Pre & Post Natal

I recently completed Girls Gone Strong’s Pre, Peri- and Postnatal Coaching Certification in June 2018.



  • How I can communicate effectively and be a great coach.

  • How a woman changes physically and psychologically from trimester to trimester during pregnancy.

  • What foundational nutrition, exercise, and rest and recovery practices will help my clients have a strong, safe, happy, and healthy pregnancy and postpartum experience, and how to help my clients implement them in a way that works for her.

  • How a woman changes physically and psychologically through labor, delivery, and the postpartum phase.

  • How to assess pre- and postpartum women and write exercise programs that will keep them safe, healthy, and strong.

  • How to help my clients set actionable goals that align with her current desires, priorities, and resources so that she is just as excited to work with me as I am to work with her.*



Girls Gone Strong is absolutely committed to making sure the certification stands for something.  I have lifetime access to their portal, and at least once a year they will be updating all of their certified coaches on the latest research.  


Coming Soon-Online Training


Online Training is one of the newest ways to work with a trainer and save time and money, especially if you live in a high-end market.

I will be offering 2 tiers of coaching. Both will include access to me via email/FaceTime to answer any questions and ensure the exercises you are doing are correct for your goals and how your body needs to move. I am excited to share this with you in the summer of 2019!


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