Client’s Say:


safe and effective

"When I was six months postpartum, I felt really down about how my body looked and functioned.Finding the time to take care of myself seemed daunting as new mom.

I heard about Laura via Facebook and contacted her for a consultation in July. We agreed to work together twice a week. I scheduled cardio exercise in addition to those sessions.

After three months, mentally, I felt like I was a better wife and mother because I made the time to work on myself. In addition, Laura and I have worked on the connection breath and, most recently, prehab exercises for running so I know I’m engaging my pelvic floor so I’m not overdoing my training.  Laura is great about keeping me accountable for efforts outside of my sessions. Her pre- and postnatal certification allows her to coach in a way that is safe and effective for moms."

-Amy Johnson, former client

open and honest

"Before I enlisted Laura as my trainer, I lacked the motivation to work out, especially because I didn’t want to do it alone.Working with Laura has increased my confidence with lifting. She pushes me and gives me feedback so I know when I’m improving.  If I need to adjust a specific exercise, Laura makes sure I know how to execute it correctly. She’s open and honest, but most of all, knowledgeable.

Waking up earlier and working with Laura twice a week has helped me tremendously. I’ve seen my quality of life improve and I’m happier than I’ve been in recent years.Laura assists not only with the physical component of this journey, but also the mental one. She’s a great asset to have on your team!   Prepare to work hard and see the results. The best things take time."

-Jen Fortuna, former client


"I decided to hire Laura for multiple reasons. One was to ensure I was exercising correctly so I would not injure myself and another was to improve my strength and flexibility.Working with Laura has been wonderful because we discuss everything that is happening in my life—a struggle with weight gain, a family challenge impacting my drive, physical issues and even relationship issues. She listens and then pushes me to use the time with her to refocus and re-energize.

Before I started working with Laura, I was hesitant to try certain exercises. Now, I feel confident and self-assured, and I have faith in my abilities.

Laura is a very upbeat coach—she gives encouraging feedback and recommendations. She is interested in making me “a better me” and she is “all in” with her training. She truly cares about her clients and their needs, and she is dedicated to helping them reach their goals."

-Tina Dame, current client

encouragement, support, & inspiration

"She demonstrates proper technique and ensures that I’m doing things correctly. Laura is committed to my sessions by being prepared and not just going through the motions with me. If I pose a question that is out of her scope, Laura researches and finds the answer for me through her network. Laura’s coaching style embraces encouragement, support, and inspiration."

-Kim Koncelik, former client