Getting Creative with Corporate Wellness


I had the privilege today of going to an event hosted by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance at the new Kimpton Schofield Hotel to promote wellness downtown!  The panelists focused on the advantages of a downtown location in terms of employee wellness, how the downtown lifestyle contributes to a healthier workforce as well as how health and wellness programs boost talent attraction efforts and why a healthier workforce is important to companies in Cleveland.  However, many of the ideas I heard could definitely be implemented into a non-downtown workspace. Below are some fun tips:

  • Have employees set an alarm on an hourly basis to remind them to get up and walk around.

  • Make sure any wellness program you offer digitally to your employees is also offered on paper to employees that are not as computer savvy or work in a plant/warehouse environment.

  • Prizes for participation should hold a special value.  Add money to their HSA account or offer a SmartWatch!

  • It is not all about physical wellness-emotional and mental is just as important!  Try incorporating a gratitude challenge.

  • The annual National Employee Health & Fitness Day is always the third Wednesday in May.  Celebrate by having a company wide walk or maybe a Scavenger Hunt Selfie!  If your workplace is in a cool neighborhood, this could incorporate cultural awareness.

  • Employees want to workout close to work for convenience.  Partner with a local studio/gym for corporate discounts, (they will usually oblige)!  If that is not an option, consider having fitness brought on site for a set number of weeks from your allotted wellness budget and split the cost with employees 50/50.

  • If you do not have a cafeteria on site, think about a healthy delivery service such as Lunch Owl (pictured here) that employees can opt into for meals as many times of the week as they prefer and have foods catered to their allergies, etc.

  • Give monetary credit to employees who are intrinsically motivated and engage in activity on their own such as a 5k, spinning, boot camp, etc.

  • Think about other challenges such as H20 Challenge (drinking enough water per day) or a Sleep Challenge (employees logging 7-8 hours of sleep per night).

As always, I have contacts in the wellness planning space that can work with your team to define what this looks like for your workplace.  Let me know when you are ready!

Laura Thomas