Are You a Student of Life?

My first trip to Hocking Hills back in 2015.

My first trip to Hocking Hills back in 2015.

I am a big proponent of constantly learning and being open to new thoughts and ideas. My goal is to surround myself with diverse thinkers and believers, as I know I can learn from them and vice versa. I have friends from different job occupations, political and religious beliefs, parenting tactics, different countries etc. and I respect them all the same.

In my last professional position, I knew I wasn’t learning all there was to know about small business marketing because of the regulations I had to adhere to. Now that I am working for myself, I have spent much of the last 2 months learning marketing tools that I knew little about and figuring out which approach is going to work best for me. I was actually excited when I found out I have to complete 20 continuing education credits every 2 years! I also partake in private groups on Facebook for trainers where we can get feedback on different approaches, etc. No one, not even your doctor, has all the answers. Many of them also have to take continuing education courses because their profession is constantly changing and advancements are not necessarily in their individual geographic areas.

This student of life approach can also be looked at in our leisure activities. Do you always order the same thing at the same restaurant? Go to the same spot for vacation every year? Not that being habitual is a bad thing, but to me, life is short and meant to try new foods, see new things and push ourselves to experiment. I get into habits like this too and remind myself that it’s good to go outside of my comfort zone and find new things to enjoy. I have had amazing dinners at hole-in-the-wall restaurants and ordered smaller meals at fancy restaurants. I don’t like country music, but I love visiting Nashville. I am not a vegan, but I have eaten at my friends’ awesome vegan cafe. It’s appreciating and respecting something different, even if it’s not your cup of tea in your daily life.

In fitness, this rings true as well.   We can get caught up in doing the same workouts, comfortable with our bodies moving in the same way and when something changes and it’s not our norm, we can have an adverse reaction. Keep in mind that it is your trainer’s job to make sure you do not get bored with workouts and to keep tabs on how you are progressing, which may mean repeating exercises but with a heavier weight or a more advanced version. We do all of this so that different muscles are engaged and who knows-maybe it’s something you can do at home when you are not with your trainer or at the gym to make progress on the side! The best advice is to approach it with openness that you will get better and stronger, even if you need more guidance in the beginning.

A little change never hurts and it’s always good to try and embrace it before making a decision that a certain food/vacation locale/exercise/job isn’t right for you. If it turns out you are not a gambler for change, that is completely okay, but please do not dream crush those who prefer a little adventure. ;)

I am always available to answer any of your questions and open to having a free consultation before we meet for a workout. Please let me know if I can help you on your fitness journey while we continue being students of life with open minds and hearts. <3

Laura Thomas